How to increase mass with AI Path?

I have an AIPath component with a RigidBody attached to my player and it falls like a feather when running off a cliff. I would expect the player to drop a lot faster. I’ve tried upping my mass to 100,000 but the mass matters not. Is there a way to tell AIPath to force the object to drop faster?

Other rigid bodies in my scene work as expected btw; so its not my gravity setting.


Mass will never matter when calculating a fall due to gravity! Remember, a hammer falls just as fast as a feather in a vacuum:

The only thing slowing the feather down is air resistance, or “drag” through the air. You might want to check the Drag settings on the RigidBody, or the arbitrary Max Speed and Max Acceleration settings on the AIPath.

I suspect it’s drag-related… I tested a simple falling RigidBody with very low AIPath Max Speed/Acceleration and it seemed fine… but if you can narrow it down, and indeed the AIPath is restricting the fall speed, you may need to detect when an agent is falling, and at that point set the Max Speed / Max Acceleration to Very High Values™.