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How to implement very large areas

I’ve done quite a bit of searching, and I haven’t quite found the correct solution, so I hope I didn’t just miss it somewhere. It seems like something that would be asked a lot, but it hasn’t.

I’m trying to implement an area that has 4x(1000x1000) grids. It mostly works by placing all four grids next to each other, but I get a lot of warnings that I believe are because the grids are not connected. When I do connect them using a link I then get the error message that says there is an infinite loop or over 1 million nodes.

I can provide a lot of detail but I have a feeling it’s not necessary because I’m clearly doing something wrong that is obvious.

Maybe instead I should be using a navmesh? I’m not sure. No examples show a map of this size.


For worlds that large I would recommend a recast graph instead. Grid graphs will use a lot of memory just to store all those nodes.