How to go about a 3d environment (Space Game)?


I’m trying to set up an RTS-style space game that allows the player some limited control over where on the Y-axis their units go. There are ten flat levels of space which define the potential Y-axis heights a unit could choose to be. Pathfinding may involve navigating around things located on any of these levels.

So my question is primarily;
What type of graph, if any, is appropriate?

My current attempt involves a Point Graph, generating a large block of regularly placed Points to define the movable space and removing any Point which is too near to a collidable object. It seems to find paths, but stoutly refuses to navigate around my test planet, which did correctly remove points that were close to it.

Is this approach fruitful with adjustments, or would another method be more appropriate?


You said you it calculated paths correctly, but didn’t want to navigate along it.
Are you using the default AIPath/AIFollow script for movement? Those do not support movement along the Y axis. Try writing a custom one instead.

Don’t know how large your world is, but if you can get it working with point graphs without speed/memory issues, then I say go for that solution, it is by far the easiest one.