How to get the "seeker" to stop hugging the walls

Hi is there a way to make the “seeker” travel along the middle of a corridor more? no matter what I change it seems to like to hug walls etc.

I have tried to edit the diameter settings but to no avail.

I saw a big improvement in the general pathing of my agents when I added the Funnel modifier. It seemed to move them a lot more smoothly around hard turns and away from the walls a bit.

I forgot to ask what kind of pathfinding you’re using. I was using the recast graph with the funnel modifier. Trying it again with a point graph does not yield nearly as good of a result, so it may be dependent on the type of pathfinding you use.

Hi thanks for that, I will try raycast… I basically want to make my movement very “tile” based and less freeform if possibly. This system seems very good but I need it more rigid. Will try the funnel mod thanks.

If you want it purely tile based I’d create a point graph, placing the points above each of your tiles then set the Seekers “Next WayPoint Distance” to exactly the distance (perhaps a smidge larger) between your tiles. That way the unit will only ever see the next waypoint and will never cut corners.

Have you tried different heuristics(settings)? If you want more straight lines, the manhantran