How to get the seeker to move left and right of its position while following a path

Im currently using a PointGraph, everything went well until we added movement of the seeker ( left or right relative to where its facing ) while following the path.

everthing seems ok until the seeker a little bit away from the node…

or is there a much suited graph type to use for this kind of scenario… any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

I think you’ll have to describe your question better. I’m not entirely sure I know what you are doing or what the problem is.

thanks @Blindsight for answering the question…

What I’ve done is something like this, using a point graph to move the character in a designated path…

then issue occurs when I’m trying to add a translate to the character

transform.Translate(Vector3.left * (Time.deltaTime * speed)); transform.Translate(Vector3.right * (Time.deltaTime * speed));

im no pro at unity though, so Im expecting this is the wrong approach to do this

Exactly why do you want to do that? If the aim is to follow the path, why are you trying to move it to the left and right? (top-down scroller??)

well yeah I guess I’m over complicating it, its a temple run like game, so I thought of using pathfinding if ever I’ll add non-straight paths, like a smooth S path or so… thats why I thought of using A*

Unless there is something about the game that I’m missing it sounds like you don’t need pathfinding. If the character is always moving forward, you can simply let the player control the side to side motion. When the player comes to turns just have a trigger area that rotates the player (and thus camera) to the correct position to them be moving forward in the new direction.

@Blindsight I was thinking of adding S paths as well, instead of just linear directions, thats why I thought of using A*

I think a good way would be a transform object which simply moves forward along the path with Z+ in the forwards direction along the path. Then have the player as a child of that transform which can move along the X axis. When the parent transform is rotating to follow the path, the player child transform would rotate to follow the path correctly as well.

@aron_granberg great insight! didn’t thought of that, be back with the results, thanks!