How to differentiate between multiple colliders on the same object

I have a box collider and sphere collider on a unit but only want one to be used for dynamicgridobstacle script. For some reason it uses both colliders and i only want it to use the smaller collider(box collider) for dynamic obstacle and the sphere collider for collision detection for entering and exiting character models into.
i tried editing the dynamicgridobstacle.cs file and changed all the components to box colliders but that doesn’t work… Can someone please help


The DynamicGridObstacle component only tells the grid graph to recalculate a part of the graph. So to get the desired result, you should make sure to put any colliders that you don’t want to be seen as obstacles in their own layers, and make sure that those layers are not included in the collision testing or height testing layer masks in the grid graph settings.