How to Create More Splits in Recast Graph

I am getting some really large stretches on flat terrain where there are no breaks in my recast graph (by that I mean poly edges), this often makes the AI wander a long way out of the way to get to their first start point, which seems to always be on a split (or vertex I guess). Is there a way to minimize this? Max edge length and Max Edge error seem to do nothing. Thanks,



Try to use a tiled recast graph. The smaller the tiles are, the more splits it will create.

Also, you will likely want to use the Funnel Modifier, see

We are using the funnel modifier, and that does help. Is there a cost to lots of tiles? I think my current tile size is like 64, if I took that all the way down to 8, or 16, do I take a hit somewhere?

Well, since a lower tile size will increase the number of nodes, you will get an increase in both memory usage and path search time (more nodes to search), this is not a large factor though. Also you might get more suboptimal paths for low tile sizes.

Are you using your own movement script or a custom made one?