How to approach pathfinding in this situation

I have recently started to play around with Unity (still learning…) to try to make some games and was recommended A* Pathfinding, as a great tool to address automated movement of characters and such (for reference, I got the pro version).

The game I’m trying to make, I will have creatures in certain “rooms” and the player will be able to send them to other rooms. The rooms can be connected horizontally or vertically.

For the horizontally connected rooms, there is an actual physical connection between the rooms (an open path) while for the vertically connected rooms, the player will need to go up a ladder and clip through the floor.

Here are some screens for reference

My question is… What type of Pathfinding should I use for my case and how can I achieve it with the A* Pathfinding asset?

Many thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


A recast graph using the RichAI component (or FollowerEntity in the beta) is probably the best solution. This seems to be a 3D game still, not a true 2D game.

@aron_granberg Found this documentation regarding RecastGraphs.
Is there any tutorial around it I could have a look? (relatively new to AI nav and things like that)

Also, does it support something similar to Navmesh lings (or off-mesh links)? basically to allow the AI to “jump” between mesh floors and stuff like that?

Many thanks in advance.


Check out Using navmeshes - A* Pathfinding Project

Yes, using the NodeLink2 component. I’d recommend using the beta version, as links behave better there.

Thanks, will have a look