How to add a "teleport" to make units climb a tower without stair?

Like in Stronghold 1, when you send your units to the top of a tower, they go to the door, enter and teleports to the top of the tower, that have a little grid on top. I thought that the NodeLink was the thing to use, but I cant make it work.

How I can reproduce this? Is possible using grid? Lets say that I want to add some parts on the grid that have a defined way to go, the link seems the way.

A video showing how the units behaviour: How to Overcrowd a tower - Stronghold Crusader #shorts - YouTube
I want to make the same aprouch.

I tryd using NodeLink and a link was created but the robot from example 10 don’t climb up.


You are almost there. You will however need to create some kind of logic to teleport the agent up there. You could for example use a trigger collider that moves the agent up to the top when it enters it.