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How to add a new Grid Graph

Hello! In my project, I generate a level randomly from prefabs of mini-locations. Each mini-location should have its own Grid Graph.I need to create a new Grid Graph with each mini-location. Thus, there should be many separate Grid Graphs at the level.

How can I create a new grid graph through code?


Take a look at this tutorial:

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This is what I was looking for. Thank! Please tell me how to change the type of Grid Graph from 3D to 2D?
I need now change those parameters…

I found a solution:

  void CreateGridGraph (Transform roomCenterTransform) {
        //Holds all graph data
        AstarData data =;

        //Creates a Grid Graph
        GridGraph gridGraph = data.AddGraph (typeof (GridGraph)) as GridGraph;

        //Switch to 2D mode
        gridGraph.rotation = new Vector3 (-90, 270, 90);

        //Setup a grid graph with some values
        int width = 56;
        int depth = 28;
        float nodeSize = 0.5f;
        gridGraph.SetDimensions (width, depth, nodeSize);

        //Move Grid Graph = roomCenterTransform.position;

        //Use 2D physics
        gridGraph.collision.use2D = true;

        gridGraph.collision.diameter = 1.5f;

        //Setting obstacle layer mask
        gridGraph.collision.mask = LayerMask.GetMask ("Obstacle");
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