How to access Pathfinder (and others) variables in code? (Documentation?)

I am trying to access things in code. Specifically inside Pathfinder, I want to access Graphs, and from there, the properties of graphs (I have ReCast graphs). I only want to read only.

I am having difficulty accessing the documentation. When I click on the ? in the inspector, it just goes to

I just got the pro version and it’s pretty great!

According to Visual Studio, there is no Pathfinder component, so I don’t know what to do.

Okay I found it just by messing around.

        path = FindFirstObjectByType<AstarPath>();
        NavGraph[] graphs = path.graphs;
        RecastGraph re = (RecastGraph) graphs[0];

I still don’t understand how to access documentation though


Sorry, it looks like I have forgotten to update the help URL naming scheme since I changed it in the documentation generator. All the links will be incorrect.
I’ll fix this in the next update.

You can always search for the component names on the documentation page directly: A* Pathfinding Project - A* Pathfinding Project