How I use RecastGraph with Tiles floor

Hi everyone
I try to use RecastGraph with floors which consist of tiles,trees,brush,logs and stairs for connect floor 1 to floor 2

but it look like recast can’t calculate the graph for walk or calculate separate tile which minebot can’t walk to others tiles and also can’t walk up-down stairs.

Please see figures below for more information.
my question is how I need to set recastgraph for this environment?


If you need more information or I wrote something unclear please let me know.


Sorry for the late answer.
It looks like your graph simply has a too low resolution to make sense of the scene. Try lowering the cell size field.

I changed cell size from 0.25 to 0.05 it still can’t walk on a stair.
what I need to set?

Hard to say. Maybe the character radius is too large, or the ‘walkable climb’ or ‘max slope’ values too low.