How do i stop my RichAI glitching on the walls - Update [found the cause but not solution]


I have been testing out the RichAI and got this result after a lot of fiddling with numbers (animated gif):

You will notice two issues going on, one he hits the walls and slows down is there a way to stop this?

My RichAI settings has:

rotation speed = 360
Movement speed = 3
Acceleration = 100
Wall Force = 1
Wall Distance = 2

I assume the issues i am facing can be solved from the RichAI or maybe some other component ?

How can i stop that wall grinding issue when hes hugging the wall like that, because it causes him to slow down which is a real game breaking problem in my main project.

Hope you can help explain :slight_smile:

I have narrowed down the annoying jittery glitch motion.

It is caused by the RVO controller. Even using “Nothing” for the “Collides With” still makes it do it. Here is a more highlighted example to show you the problem:

RVO Controller Enabled:

RVO Controller Disabled:

You should see disabled the RVO is infinitely smoother and better and more “Correct”.

Can you please fix this issue? It surely shouldn’t be acting like that, it is pretty weird. I can send the project if you want it for the purpose of reproducing the glitchy motion

i had similuar issues, and apparently the richAI and rvo does work fully together atm. the developer told me hes working on it currently

Does work or doesn’t work together?

I don’t see any bug lists or to do’s mentioning this issue in the documentation ?

at the bottom;

Ah thank you, i hope i can get a preview version too !

Hope Aron reads this thread :slight_smile:


Yeah, I have solved this issue and I will probably gather a few users in the next few days to try out the new system.
(also, it may seem weird for people in other countries, but my name is actually spelled with just a single A :slight_smile: )

Hi Aaron, i solved the problem, added the RVO navmesh to the main A* game object instead of the NPC. And have not had this problem since.

Ah. Well, you might want to test the new system anyway since it does include quite a few changes.

Yeah i would like to test it out, is there a sign up to test it ?

No, I will just create a forum thread here or something.

See RVO Beta Version