How do I set the corner/waypoint detect distance with RichAI?

Good afternoon,

Some time ago I posted this question:

I am still having this issue, but I believe I have narrowed down the cause.

The issue is occuring because the AI gets too close to the corner nodes in the path before the corner is “detected”.

I have read on the forums that this issue can be solved by adjusting the “pick next waypoint distance” parameter:

However, I am using RichAI (Which I believe I need in order to get localspacerichAI working), and an older version of A*, and I don’t have this “pick next waypoint distance” parameter.

It seems that the “endreacheddistance” of my agents was set to 0.1, changing this to 1 helped with the issue, but didn’t solve it, because it seems that endreached distance is only used at the END of a path, and the issue is occurring when the AI reaches the corners in the path too.

I have tried printing out the distances to the next corner in the console, with endreacheddistance set to 1, and I got this:

Traverse funnel: npcai 6 1 0.2231319
Traverse funnel: npcai 6 1 0.2211278
Traverse funnel: npcai 6 1 0.2191618
Traverse funnel: npcai 6 1 0.20392
Traverse funnel: npcai 6 1 98.12235 (Distance value to new corner)

What this seems to indicate is that the next corner is selected when the distance is less that 0.2, but I have set endreacheddistance to 1.

So, there must be somewhere in the code where I can change this distance, does anyone know where this is?



Sorry for the late reply.

The RichAI component will always move towards the furthest endpoint it can “see” from the current position. However, I am still confused because the RichAI script should alway rotate the agent around the Y axis. Where do you have your LocalSpaceGraph component attached, and can you see what happens if that rotation is always (0,0,0)?