How do I go about flagging nodes as blocked?

I’m making an auto battler game and trying to use this asset for pathfinding and movement. It’s an 8x8 chessboard and the only obstacles are the other units on the board. How can I go about changing the status of each node as units come and go on it, to either allow or disallow movement onto it and repath accordingly?

I didn’t really want to use collision if possible, I’d prefer the nodes to either be traversable or not.

Edit: I found this in the documentation that seems relevant to what I want, but I’m a little confused which scripts should be on my units.

Do you still use AIPath and Seeker with what is listed in this page? I was also trying to use AI Destination Setter.


Yes, the scripts listed on that page are a good starting point. Though they are built more for a custom movement script than for the AIPath movement script. You will need some custom glue code to make the scripts block and unblock the nodes.