How do I get my layered grid graph to actually have multiple layers?

I’m trying to get my layered grid graph to work, but it appears to behave exactly like a regular grid graph.

I have the following path that goes under a large overhang:

Since the grid graph is projecting onto the top arch, there aren’t any nodes underneath. As such, the seeker goes around the outside of the arch instead of underneath it.

I would expect this behavior with a standard grid graph, but with a layered grid graph, I would also expect nodes underneath the arch as well. What am I missing here?

Here is my layered grid graph settings:


I can’t really see the graph at all in your screenshots. The blue stuff is your terrain mesh, right?

Is your whole world a single mesh collider? If so, I think Unity by default only returns a single hit for those, even if the ray intersects it multiple times. However, this has been fixed in the beta version. You can try it out here: A* Pathfinding Project

You were correct in that my level geometry was a single collider. You were also correct in that upgrading to the beta appears to have fixed my layered grid graph. It looks like it’s also hitting the underside of geometry and adding unwalkable nodes, but I believe that has to do with me setting Physics.queriesHitBackFaces elsewhere in my code.

Unfortunately after upgrading, all StartPath callback functions stopped working. Since that’s a completely separate issue, I will create a separate thread so these two topics don’t get mixed up. Thanks!

Yes, that’s what I would suspect.