How can I use pathfinding on different planes


I’m experimenting with the pathfinding system. I want to make an agent able to move over different sides of cubes. The ultimate goal is also to make this system procedural: add cubes on the fly. First the simpler example however: see the screenshot. The desired behaviour is that the agent can move freely between the blue and green surface. I’m not quite sure what the best approach would be to accomplish this.

In the attached screenshot I have two different graphs (the blue and green plane), and two seekers on the agent. I feel that this is a bit of a wonky solution. I was thinking about ‘stitching’ the graphs together, but I am not so sure how to accomplish this. I’ve read some posts that it generally not a good idea to try and combine multiple graphs.

Does anyone have an idea how to go about this problem?

You always want to have only one seeker on your object.

You can try connecting the graphs with an off-mesh link and handle the transition yourself.