How can i use 500+ agents for following a player and local avoidance among themselves on a Mobile device without lag

I wanted to make a game similar to Crowd City
In this game, at end game, player sometimes has 500+ agents following him.

How can i achieve this using your plugin. I am using the free one so let me know if its possible with pro if not free.


This should be possible, though for best performance you will probably have to write your own movement scripts (the included ones are good, but they have many options which inevitably makes them slower than special cased simpler scripts, and for 500 agents this can be significant).

For following a single player you can use the FloodPath path type. This is a special path type that allows you to calculate the shortest path from every point on the map to the player. After this you can request paths to the player extremely quickly.
Since it relies on multiple agents sharing some info, it does not work out of the box with the built in movement scripts though, so this is another point in favor of writing your own movement script.
This path type is only available in the pro version, however you could prototype everything in the free version just to see how it would work. Pathfinding would be slower, but it would work the same.

As for local avoidance. You will not be able to use the local avoidance built in to this package. For 500+ agents on a mobile device it will simply be too slow I think. I would recommend something much simpler such as boids or perhaps even just rigidbody collisions. I think boids could also give you a very smooth and flowy feel to the crowd which may be desirable in your game.
You can see that the game in that video does not have a very sophisticated local avoidance. It’s pretty bad actually, but it works good enough for that type of game.

Thank you for your quick response. I will look into boids.