How can I simulate 20-50 graphs that are on top of each other separately?

I am making a small MMO game
There is a client and server side, I am talking right now about the server side(unity instance)

  • The server unity instance will simulate the AI enemies wandering around the world.
  • The world will be built off 20-50 islands.
  • Now because of 32bit float precision errors on positions greater than 4k in x,y,z I need to make some kind of special solution.
  • Each island will be its own scene and at runtime the server will load all of those scenes and center them in the middle of the world and I want each AI to interact with its scene only.
  • Also I will need this solution for instanced dungeons simulation

So my questions are:

  1. I know you can separate physics in scenes with physics scenes but how does it work with the pathfinding project?
  2. how can I scan many graphs for 10+ scenes that can be loaded/unloaded in clients at runtime? my current idea is to load all scenes and have a separate A* Scene with AstarPath Singleton Component in it, but how will I load/unload each graph at runtime instead of loading all graphs for all scenes.
  3. is it possible to move recast graphs position in runtime when I move the whole world to the center to solve floating point precision in clients?

Thanks!(I’m using the production non-beta version)

Possible solution to 1: in the simulation in the server, I can center all scenes at 0,0,0 then raise each scene to a different height(let’s say 100 meters between each one on the Y axis)