How can I have circular movement for an enemy?

I am trying to implement something like this:

The idea is to make the enemy follow the player in the combat state but when it reaches a certain distance it should start circling around the player (as opposed to staying put, which is not fun). I am thinking of constantly giving Astar destinations on a circle around the player but I doubt that would be efficient.

Does Astar Pathfinding Project have a feature that can help me with this? I looked at the documentation in detail but could not find one.

Hi, sorry to not be of help here, but I’m on the same boat, did you find a solution for this?

Unfortunately, no. But as an alternative, I made the NPC pick a random point around the target, go there, and then repeat, and all this while facing the target. This makes the NPC sort of dance around the target, which was somewhat helpful. This is the behavior: