How can i follow the path?

So I set the units my “destination” and they also build the right path but don’t follow it. How do I let my units follow the path?


While baking the navmesh, make sure that you compensate for the size of the agents.
For grid graphs you want to play with the collision testing properties: image

You want to avoid your agent running physically into walls to avoid this issue.
( There are some Rvo colliders that would allow you to skip this, but just improving your navigation mesh is much easier )

it was set like this:

I mean i got a target and it calculates the path to it but why it won’t take the path and can i controll the path creation? e.g. maybe not to take the shortest way sometimes

It’s hard to see what is happening, but it looks like your agents have some kind of physics component and they are getting stuck on the obstacles. As @ToastyStoemp says you need to ensure the grid has some margin for the radius of the agents. I’d recommend increasing the 'diameter setting.

i fixed it with making the amount of Pick Next Waypoint Dis very small. I guess this was the problem.

Btw. is the a way to create a path with a fix length?