How can I follow a target at a specified range?


I’m sure there is a way that we can use this asset to follow certain targets at a specified range?

I’d love to know how can I use this to have my player follow a target at a specified range?

For example, if I click on an enemy, I’d like to have the player move into the distance of 10 units and stay there. As soon as the enemy moves away, the player will follow the enemy to always stay within 10 units of distance.


The closest thing that is available is that you can set the “End Reached Distance” on the AIPath/RichAI script (depending on which one you are using) to 10 meters and then set the “When Close To Destination” setting to “Stop”. It’s not perfect (it was designed for values around the same size as the agent’s radius), but for most cases it works.

I’ll play around with it, thanks.

I appreciate the instant response.

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