How can I add additional RecastGraph files to the DeserializeGraphsAdditive function and associate them with the already loaded RecastGraph?

Hi ~ Aaron.

I am currently working on a map of 10000 x 10000 size using Pro version RecastGraph.
(I’m forced to use RecastGraph (or NavMeshGraph) instead of GridGraph to synchronize with the server.)

My game runs on mobile.
Therefore, if the map is too large, a memory problem will occur and the map will be divided into a certain size sector and saved as a file. (1 sector - 256 x 256)
So I want to load and unload these graph files in real time.
My idea is to load and unload 3 x 3 sectors in real time around the character I play.
I would like to implement this using the DeserializeGraphsAdditive and RemoveGraph functions.

But I have something to ask.

If you load the graph files for a sector using the DeserializeGraphsAdditive () function, will it automatically connect to another graph that is already loaded?
So, can you get directions between graphs and graphs without problems?
Or do you have to do additional work?

Please let me know if there is an example to refer to.