"holes" in Grid Graphs created at runtime and connected via Links (screenshot inside)

Hi there,

i am currenty prototyping a game which has some kind of an “endless world”, so i need to create some Grid Graphs at runtime and connect them. This works how it should, with one problem: When connecting the single graphs via Links, i get some strange “holes” at the border of the graphs. I tried a lot to get rid of them, but i really don’t see what is causing them or how to solve this. Any ideas? Or is there a better way to connect the graphs? “autoLinkGrids = true” works, but gives me ugly connections on the corners of the grid. Here is a screenshot, to explain what i mean by “holes”: Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks for your help!

Hm. Interesting. Do you think you could provide me with an example scene which shows the eventual bug?

Hi there, i will send you the scene as soon as possible, don’t have it here right now. Thanks!

From this screenshot it looks like you might be exceeding the max slope for the graph. Have you played with that at all?