A* Pathfinding Project

Hexagon Layered Grid Graph not available



A while back we purchased this amazing project to use in our game. And it worked great for our needs.
Was able to make a lot of custom edits for our needs.

However while polishing a lot of the various issues we encountered with both movement etc in more tricky environments, we wanted to try out the Hexagon graph, as we predict it to work better for our needs.

However it seems that hexagon graphs is not working on Layered Grid Graphs. Do you think this is a bug or a potential setup mistake. I’ve tried the latest version -> Layered Grid Graph example scene -> Change shape to Hexagon, this will immediately switch it to Advanced.



Yeah, currently the hexagonal graph is only available as a single-layered graph, not as a layered graph.

Hexagonal graphs are usually used for turn based games which are pretty much always in a single plane. May I ask what kind of game you have that would use a layered hexagonal graph? Would be interesting to see.


We don’t require the hexagon shape. But in experimenting with difficult corners that also have height variation, etc. We wanted to try switching to the hexagon approach. In an attempt to have a ‘smoother’ navigation around these types of corners. It’s definitely not an issue to stick to the normal square structure. Though I found it important to make you aware of the issue.



Maybe try a recast graph?


Our game’s level changes based on the season. Due to the large amount of changes made to what is and what isn’t navigatable during runtime, we made a lot of changes to how the navmeshes are being generated. Resulting in an almost near 0 performance hit when we have to change anything navmesh.

However due to my forcefully changing what ever I wanted we can’t use any other graph but Layered Grid graph.

While trying to polish certain issues with our current agent movements, I felt experimental and wanted to try out a more ‘organic’ node based system.
Hence the attempt at hexagons. For us it’s not a deal breaker, I hope that one day you’ll get to get it working :slight_smile:


This isn’t the best showcase of our usage but it works flawlessly, without having to recalculate any nodes in the network.