Help updating NodeLink2 after navmeshcut

I have two NodeLink2 points between these rope which makes it possible to traverse between the two points

However, the player can place a tripod that has a navmesh cut (so things don’t move into it) on top of the NodeLink2 point.

When player picks up the tripod the NodeLink2 does not work anymore. Is there something I can subscribe to which lets me update my NodeLinks or should I just do a callback inside my Tripod Controller? :slight_smile:


NodeLinks do not automatically update because it’s kinda tricky to know when they should be connected to newly created nodes in an efficient way. But you can call NodeLink2.Apply(true) which will re-connect it to the graph. => {

I still have some issues where I can’t place climb up, I must place the tripod to get the navmesh to update correctly.

Is it maybe because the code snippet you provided updates the graph WHILE the navmesh cut has not been disabled yet, the same frame? Don’t know how your system handles these things.