Help needed integrating tags with tilemaps

I have ground enemies that walk on the floor and flying enemies that can fly over pits. If I understand correctly, I should use tags to accomplish this, correct? I got tags working with a simple polygon collider, but would like to get it working with a tilemap collider + composite collider. Is this possible? Or is there a better way to tag certain tiles?

Aron, any ideas/suggestions? Right now I got it to work, but it’s super hacky. With code I temporarily add a box collider + graph update scene component to a new game object for each pit grid tile, then remove these game objects after the scan… it works, but not ideal and makes the scan take a bit longer.


If you have the information of which tiles should be traversable and which ones should not be, you could set this information using code.
There is an example on this page:

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I do indeed have that information! Thank you very much!