Help Character won't move

Guys, since I added a graph to my scene my main character stopped moving, and the AI of Astar wont move either, did this happen to anyone here?
The script for basic AI from starting docs says that it arrived at position without even moving a bit.
And my main character doesnt even use any A* scripts but its stopped moving at all when I call charactercontroller.move, I been trying to solve this for hours =[

I found out the problem, CrossPlatformInputManager is not returning anything anymore for some reason, happen to anyone after integrating A*?

After hours of looking through code, cleaning project, making new scenes, not sure what the problem is, but I thought maybe I’ll try making a build, and it worked! I think the culprit was crossplatforminput, if it happened to anyone in unity, I hope this helps o_o

Ouch, that sounds like an annoying issue to track down. Nice that you managed to figure it out in the end though.