Heavier-penalty custom walkable areas

In the image, B represents the terrain effect I ultimately want to achieve, but it’s too cumbersome to set up like this. I’m hoping to generate the terrain in the way shown in image C. You can think of the large cubes in the image as houses that have been designed by the planners, with the requirement that characters should be able to walk through the doors into the houses. Therefore, even with the cube as an obstacle, I want the terrain generated by recast to account for the yellow objects in image C, allowing it to create a walkable area. How can I achieve this effect?


Is it possible for you to render the single cube, but have colliders to look like B?
The graph needs some source of truth to generate from.

Thank you for your response. First of all, I did not use colliders to generate terrain in the recast graph, but rather used meshes. Since the models are provided by the artists, manually adding colliders is not precise enough and entails additional work.

Like the building shown in the picture, my requirement is that I would like its door area to be accessible from the outside, but the terrain generated now does not allow entry through the door. I’m not sure how to solve this problem.

You could put the door in a separate mesh which is ignored during the scanning process, perhaps?

Your method is feasible, but it requires me to process the resources provided by the art team a second time, omitting specific parts from being generated, which entails a significant workload. What I envision is having a custom mesh with a higher weight that, when placed in an area, would ensure that it is invariably walkable, regardless of obstructions from other meshes. However, it seems there isn’t a concept of a mesh with a higher weight.

Sadly, there is not such a concept.

It would be possible with some code modifications, but I’d recommend trying alternative approaches first.