HDRP Issue - Breaks with Dynamic Resolution

Hello. Our project is using HDRP with its dynamic resolution feature, and ALINE is currently breaking as a result. It looks like ALINE tries to render to the screen after it’s the resolution has been reduced but before it’s been upscaled.


Sorry for the late response.
Thank you for the bug report! I will look into this.
Do you think you could post a screenshot of your HDRP setup. In my experience even tiny changes to the HDRP setup can completely change how it renders stuff internally, so it’s nice to have the exact settings.

Hi, I just created a new empty HDRP project to ensure it breaks and it does. It should be fairly easily to replicate with default HDRP settings. It breaks regardless of dynamic resolution settings as well. I appreciate you looking into this issue, as this incompatibility is holding our project back from using dynamic resolution entirely.

Here’s example code so it’s easier to test. You’ll just need to enable dynamic resolution in the HDRP settings and on the main camera. In this case, the resolution float is a lerp between the min and max resolution values you set in HDRP settings.

public float resolution = 0.5f;
private void Start()
	DynamicResolutionHandler.SetDynamicResScaler(SetDynamicResolutionScale, DynamicResScalePolicyType.ReturnsMinMaxLerpFactor);

public float SetDynamicResolutionScale()
	return resolution;


I have investigated this during the whole afternoon, and I think this is actually a bug in the high definition render pipeline.

I have posted a thread here to hopefully get some more info about it: https://forum.unity.com/threads/viewport-is-incorrect-in-a-custom-pass-running-in-afterpostprocess-when-dynamic-resolution-is-enable.1008029/

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