Having a little trouble with the local avoidance

I just started putting the final peaces of my games pathfinding together~ But sadly I seem to have run it to another issue:
I got rid of my PlayerUnits CharacterController’s and ridged-bodies if favor for the RVOController and a RVOSimulator but sadly i’m having a few issues~

After reading the A* pathfinding local-avoidance documentation I added the RVOController, but its doing some strange things:

When I start the game, anything with a RVOController stutters on the Y axe for a few seconds, moving down about 6 units then back up 7 until settling back where is started

When ever I send move commands to the RVOController is a extremely jittery,

I have to use very large multipliers for the movement on the move command (what was 10 on the CharacterController, is 1000 on the RVOController)

And when I stop passing move commands to the RVOController … it just keeps of going!!

Anyway, If someone has a proper implementation of local avoidance and can shed some light on what im doing wrong that would be great!!

Seems that the Unit not stoping at the end of the path was purely due to not sending a stop command MyCharacterController.Move(new Vector3(0,0,0));

But i’m still getting the slow and jittery movement…
And the odd bobing up and down on game start is not going away despite my best efforts…(FYI this seems to have nothing to do with the Layer mask)

I seem to have fixed the jittery movement with some tweeking~ So the only issue left is the ray casting to find the ground is being funky… Is there any reason I cant just turn that off??

@Burdock - how did you fix the jittering on the Y at the start - I am having the same issues at the moment so a few tips would be very handy.

Im not sure~ It seems to be an issue with the Y ray casting … You might be able to turn it off, but Im not sure how~ Im still having the issue my self sadly.

@aron_granberg If we could get some feedback on if this is a bug in A* , or our own code, That would be great!!

Thanks~ Daniel

It also seems that the collider on the RVOController is not working~


Are you using any colliders on the GameObject? That could mess up the raycasting.
You can try to open the RVOController.cs script and replace the If looking like
if (Physics.Raycast…)
if (false)
possibly commenting out the things inside the IF.
That would remove raycasting (hm… maybe I should add a toggle for that).

I did a little poking around~ And I see 2 strange things the RVOController is doing (#1 its jumping up and down on game start) and (#2 If a physics collider hits something, it try’s to teleport over and through it)… And this has nothing to raycasting it seems, I can comment out that whole code and it does not change anything ~

Something is really strange with your setup…
Raycasting is the only thing which interacts with physics, so it should have effect.
Sure you have no other scripts messing it up?

Removed due to stupidity

Hi Burdock, did you manage to find what it was? I see you edited your latest post, but no answer is accepted yet.

So far I fixed all the issues stated above by moving the RVO controller to a child object at 0.0.0 so that it is not above the graph~ Originally it was a 0.+3.0, but sadly this does not work with a Raycast-simplifier + RVOcontroller.

But im still having a few other issues… I will let you know when I can give a better report on whats going on… I also have a edited RVOcontroller with some small changes (RayCast toggle, and locked when not moving) If you want me to send that to you??