Having 2 distincts nav mesh fail to return nearest node


I have a scene, with 2 rooms that are not connected, hence the decision to have 2 distinct Navmeshes.

If I try to find the nearest node in the second Navmesh, it fails to return an existing node.
As soon as I remove the first Navmesh from my AStar Game object, it works again.

For now, I have generated a small Grid that works for the second room. Although I would prefer to use our custom baked Navmesh. Would you happen to know what cause this anomaly?



Hm… not sure what could cause that…
You could try enabling “Full Nearest Node Search” under A* Inspector -> Settings -> Pathfinding.

If that doesn’t solve it, do you think you could send a screenshot?

Enabling the option fixed it, thank you.

What does it mean? Does it basically only search the first mesh?

Not really.
With it disabled, it uses some lower quality estimates for what is the closest node. In almost all cases it works perfectly well, but there are some cases where it will not give back the correct node.