Handle units of varying size when pathing for RTS (raycast graph)

I want to have units of varying sizes, and am curious how this is done.

I want the units to path close to obstacles (smaller units are closer, larger are further, etc) as well as moving to destinations based on their size.

I know that you can have separate graph for each unit size, but I also want the units to “batch” their paths so they travel similarly, while pathing around units that are in the way of a bottleneck in the graph. These obviously vary based on the unit size.

Whats the best approach?


I think something similar to what is done here could work: Multiple Agents - Use Same Path?
Essentially you would figure out which unit is the largest in the group and calculate a path for the group using the graph for the largest unit. Then all units in the group try to follow that path by requesting a path to a point some distance along the path (see image in post above).