Ground Enemies clump together?

Hey there!

If the enemies get their cansearch activated, the enemies try a bit to follow the player, but they will stick together and then just clump and not really following the player anymore, they seem they just make friends by meeting each other lol :smiley:

They move a little around but it seems they dont know how to find the player. The first layered grid worked so far.
I used the same options for the next area and next layered grid, but there the enemies make such strange movements.
What is usually the problem about this?
(the second area is much larger than the first one, but also contains more enemies).
(the first area is very small but the enemies can follow the player. (This works). even if they search the shortest way and dont split up to shortcut the way the player is going to take which would be even better (its not the question but would be a plus)).

Thank you


That’s odd.
Maybe the pathfinding system is overloaded? It’s hard to say.

Are you using a custom movement script or one of the built in ones.