GridGraph RayCastModifier with teleport

I use GridGraph for my game, and I have two portal on the map to teleport the agent to the other side (the are in the same gridgraph), I also add penalty to the portal node and their connections (8-connection) to make the agent which don’t use portal away from the portal, Everything work well. But I want to make the path more straight so I add the RayCast Modifier to the seeker. he just reduce the path node ,ignore the portal and penalty. I check the documentation, I find the penalty is not useful for raycast modifier in version (free version),And I check the updatelog, the 4.3.48 update the funnel modifier which can check the penalty and it work well than raycast modifier. Should I buy the beta version,or write the custom modifier, I try to make the raycast do not ignore the portal node ,it’s work .but i don’t know how to modify the code for the penalty,Any help is greatly appreciated! :smiling_face_with_tear: forgive my poor english


The raycast modifier does not consider off-mesh-links at all. So it will try to simplify them away.
The funnel modifier in the beta will be able to properly handle it.