GridGraph Layout

Hey, i was searching for where the Gridgraph Layout / Colors are defined because i wanted to change it a bit. Can someone tell me in which Script i can find it? (Like changing the green Borders to black, like the outline)

You can change the colors on the A* object -> Settings -> Colors

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Thanks, but that isn’t what i was looking for. As example for walkable is per default green, but if i change the Color, it changes also the Gridcolor of the walkable Layer.
i also wanted to change the blocks for not walkable in a mesh like the walkable, just in red. Thats why i was looking for where it’s excatly drawn in the Code. But didn’t find it yet.

Have you checked A* Inspector -> Settings -> Graph Coloring?

Unwalkable nodes are drawn in the Base.cs script in the DrawUnwalkableNodes method.

Thank you! That helped me already alot. Would you also tell me where the Walkables are drawn? Or is this complete different and not so easy to Change? I would like to replace the unwalkable Cubes, with a surface like on the walkables.