GridGraph is slow on IPhone

I’m making a turn-based game.

UpdateGraphs and seeker.pathCallback are slower on Iphone than android phone.

redCube Turn --------------------------------------------------------

UpdateGraph(true, currentTp);
_seeker.StartPath(redCube.position, blueCube.GetPosition());

redCube move complete ----------------------------------------------

AstarPath.OnGraphsUpdated += UpdateGraphComplete;
UpdateGraph(false, currentTp);

public void UpdateGraph(bool walkability, TilePoint point)
var colBounds = new Bounds(point.getWorldPosition(),;
var guo = new GraphUpdateObject(colBounds);
guo.modifyWalkability = true;
guo.setWalkability = walkability;;

After UpdateGraphComplete is called, other redCubes move

how can I speed up callback?


Different devices can of course have different performance characteristics. Roughly what delays are you seeing?
Is it freezing the game while the update is being made?

Also. Make sure you don’t register to OnGraphsUpdated every time unless you also unregister from it. Otherwise it will call your function several times, which is likely not what you want.