GridGraph direct connection across map

Hello - I’m new to this package so I’m not all too familiar with the code, but so far I have a Grid graph that I’m using for a 2D platformer (I’m conscious that this isn’t a standard implementation for it, but for the most part I have it working as desired).

Something I need to do is have NPCs path through teleporters; because of the level design, individual rooms are scattered throughout a scene and doors operate as cross-scene teleporters. I thought this would be a simple process of editing the Connection of nodes closest to doors and connecting them directly to the equivalent nodes on the paired doors - I’ve achieved this as I can see the connection in the grid during playtesting (see below):

However, this doesn’t lead to the desired outcome (drawing a path through the doors) except in some edge cases. It seems if there are no walkable nodes between the points, it can’t draw a path - but if there’s a walkable node somewhere, it CAN do the straight line, even if it passes through unwalkable nodes, which I don’t fully understand. If there are walls, it does this instead:

My question then is - is it possible to allow a node-to-node pathing irrespective of distance and intermediary unwalkable nodes in the way that I’m trying? I’ve read a little about NodeLink which I think is different from the Connection edits I’ve done already, but I’m not clear how.