Grid With Possibly Millions of Nodes

Hi! I’m making a game where players take turns moving characters around on a giant board-game style map (so not a ton of agents moving at any given time) where the pieces can move 24 directions (the normal 8 and then those same directions going up or down one block). There are multiple layers to maps as well. I have a full list of the walkable nodes for a map along with their connections, but there can be possibly millions of nodes if the map is very large.The units traverse a path one node at a time (like pieces on a game board).

I’ve bought your asset for the pathfinding, but i’m not sure which type to use. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!


For that I would actually recommend a hand-rolled pathfinding solution.

Using this package is possible I guess, but you would have to write a custom graph since none with that shape exists built-in. And that would probably be more work than just implementing A* on a simple boolean array or something.
Furthermore, the memory overhead of using this package would be quite large when you have millions of nodes (remember that for a million nodes, just storing a single byte per node requires one megabyte of memory).