Grid on an irregular 2D sprite


I have a network on streets I want things to be able to move on. The street network is a single sprite.
Is there a way to create a grid that follows the shape of the sprite?


Sprite below:


Do you want to read this as a texture and apply walkability from that?
If so, you can check out the Texture options that exist behind a foldout at the bottom of the grid graph settings.
You may want to check out the beta version if you find the UI confusing (because it kinda is in the non-beta). See A* Pathfinding Project for the beta, and Grid Graph Rules - A* Pathfinding Project for some additional documentation.

Thanks for the answer.
The rules might be pretty much what I need (I.e., create a rule that only the street layer is walkable).
I will try that if I get pro at a later date^^

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