Grid Not Displaying After Clicking 'Grid Graph'


Sorry to bug you with such a basic question but I’m following this video tutorial:

I started at 1:20 (created a new scene) and then followed everything step-by-step after that. Things were going good up until 2:46, when Aron clicks ‘Grid Graph’… my A* object does not show the grid square in the scene like in the tutorial, just emptiness. Screenshot below but let me know if you need more info!

I have the same problem sometimes. I found that if the Grid Graph total size is way bigger than my area, a grid graph won’t be generated (that is, the width and depth values in your screenshot). Also, I found that if the Center of the grid graph is too high, it won’t scan properly (that is, the Y value of Center in your screenshot). I haven’t figured out a reliable way to generate a grid graph yet, aside from tweaking those values.

Also, looking at your screenshot, notice that your A* object’s scale is 10x10x10. That object should not be scaled at all.

Thanks RVandal! Actually I looked around and the grid was created waaay far away in the scene. Just needed to copy the transform coordinates from my empty gameobject to the ‘Center’ coordinates of Grid Graph inspector so I think I’m good, thanks again for your time and help!

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