Grid + Layered Grid

Hi, i want know, may i use two graphs?
I have Grid Graph for my landscape and i have Layered Grid Graph for my buildings. After scan i have nice navigation grid for landscape and house, but if i set layer on my house as Obstacle - i cant go inside house from Grid Graph, if i dont set obstacle layer on houser - i can walk through walls… how to fix it, help please.

P.S i use Grid Graph for landscape becose i build visual path (instantiate point) via where ‘waypointPosition’ from path.GetRemainingPath(), and if i use Layered Grid Graph for landscape - navigation mesh flat and my point instantiate in air.


You should only have a single layered grid graph for the whole scene. You cannot mix and match like graphs for different regions like that (at least not without a lot of other tweaks).

Okay, i want use only Grid Graph (not layered) coz i need smooth landscape navigation grid. But how me set wall in house not walkable (only wall, not doorway)? If i set on wall Obstacle layer, i cant walk inside house through doorway =(
Help me please understand situation with navigation grid.

Need help, Anyone tips?


You can put the floor on a different layer so that it is not treated as an obstacle.

Alternative you can use the Collision Testing -> offset field to raise the collision check above the ground so that the floor is not covered by it. It’s a bit hard to see exactly what it does in the current released version, but if you are having trouble you can download the beta: it has a significantly improved visualization for that parameter.

Hello Aron, i download latest Beta and try use Recast Graph. Afrer 5-10 min playing with configurations i found best result, smooth navigation grid on all scene, this is exacly what i need.
Thanks for your asset, keep up the good work!

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