A* Pathfinding Project

Grid is not visible in the scene


Hello I am using unity 2019, I was trying to add a simple grid graph as I watched in the training video and did the same but I can`t see the grid .



Did you scan the grid?
Is “Show Graphs” enabled?
Is at least one of the “Show …” in the grid settings enabled? (probably as this is the default)
Do you see any errors?


Yes show grid is enabled and show surface ,show outline also enable but there is no any errors.by the way it was working but now even i created new project it doesn`t .


Do you see the graph in any of the example scenes?


No i just tried to open one example scene and there is no grid visible.


Did you scan the graphs as well?


Yes I did scan each time.


Hmm… I’m not sure what could be the issue.
Try to delete the package and re-import it?
I have tested the package up to Unity 2019.3a so it should work.


So sorry my fault gizmos wasn`t enable thats why it wasnt visible i just figured it out .
thanks you so much .