Grid graph with animals avoiding themselvs


I have a problem with animals in my game.They avoid other animals but also they consider themselves as obstacles because they are on the same layer (bigger animals behave in strange way because they consider themselves as obstacle, smaller animals working great). Is there a way to make animal ignore himself as obstacle but still avoid other animals ? I added to them dynamic grid obstacle component, it 's the way I refresh my grid graph. (I am working with AIPath)

Thanks for your answers in advance :slight_smile:

Is there is rly no way to do this easy ,without local avoidance which is not very efficient ?


RVO is definitely the easiest way to implement this. And with multi threading it’s really not that performant heavy. It’s definitely more efficient than other solutions

I am getting - 20 fps on my project. Agents have RigidBody and colliders because its open world game. Is it the reason why my performance is so low ? There is about 20 agents.

This is my performance:Performance
I am using grid graph with 200000 nodes. It’s might be the issue ?
[Edit] Ok it’s a issue. WIth 40 000 nodes I have 50 fps. Its 10-15 more. How can optymize it ? Which graph is the best for huge terrain ?

For large areas we definitely recommend Recast graph. It will be have much less nodes.