Grid Graph not updating with GraphUpdateObjects

Hi! First of all, great plug-in! It’s really phenomenal.

I have my agents pathfinding around the scene great (GridGraph), avoiding players as well thanks to DynamicGridObstacles. However, I’m trying out a solution for the agents (all NPCs) to avoid eachother. I’m attempting to alter the tags of the nodes around them as they walk, and then make them only walkable on tags labelled as ground or their own. I have something like this attached to each of the NPCs (note that each NPC has a character controller named “controller”:

`		guo = new GraphUpdateObject(controller.bounds);

		guo.modifyTag = true;
		guo.setTag = NPCInfo.NPCID + 1; //the tag # is the npc id + 1
		guo.requiresFloodFill = false;
		guo.updatePhysics = false;
		guo.updateErosion = false;;`

which lives in a “PathController” class, which is simply a helper class for AIPath (it changes the path accordingly, and does things onpathcomplete, but that’s basically it). For whatever reason, the grid is not updating on the last UpdateGraphs call (or getting queued to update, I suppose). I’ve tried it on some dummy objects as well and it doesn’t seem to work at all. When I add tags to a GraphUpdateScene component everything works fine, but I need this to be dynamic and adjust to the NPCs current bounds, hence making guos as necessary.

I have the Seeker components properly defined (at least I think) to only have valid tags of the ground and their unique “tag ids”. However, even if it were configured improperly, I’d assume to see something being applied to the grid?

I’m not sure what is going wrong as I’ve seen other examples on the forums using the same type of technique.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Sorry, fixed the original issue but now have a problem with GraphUpdateObjects. I updated the original question.


Could it be that the graph updates are being batched together?
Check A* Inspector -> Settings -> Max Graph Update Limit (might not have exactly that name, I cannot remember, but it is very similar).

Can you see the graph update being applied if you show the graphs and then set A* Inspector -> Settings -> Graph Debug Mode to “Tags”. That will show the graph with different colors for each tag.