Grid graph misalignment

Hi @aron_granberg, I am having this awkward issue where the procedural scan is not aligning with the map/colliders:


Here is the map with the grid on it so you can see that the above scan (take the entrance/.door) doesnt match the gridsize:

Configuration aiming to a 32x32 gridsize

Another example, check this tree:


Actual tilemap 32x32:

Due to this, my player is trying to walk on places it shouldn’t or colliding with corners/walls.

Any idea of what could I be doing wrong here?

Bump, @aron_granberg


It looks like your center field in the grid graph settings has some odd coordinates. Maybe change those to rounder values? Probably multiples of 0.32.

This makes sense, so the map should also be aligned to multiples of 0.32 right?

That would probably be easiest, yes. Since the width of every tile is 0.32.
However even easier might be to resize the tiles so that they are always 1 world unit wide.

I can confirm this was the issue. The grid graph must be aligned with the map so each “Node size” matches the tile of the map.

Thanks, I spent way too much time trying to solve this when all I had to do was think…

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