Green Path gizmo stopped rendering

I added an RVO controller to my agent, then an RVO Simulator to my Scene.

Now agents no longer draw the green lines for the pathing (but still move along it)

I’ve removed both RVO items after changing their debug settings, yet I can not get the Green paths to reshow in the Scene despite the removal?

It seems I need to keep the “Seeker” component expanded otherwise it refuses to render the green gizmo line,

This is kind of confusing and a bit frustrating as theres no real explanation or warning as to why
Plus there a debug check boxes on almost every component, Seeker, AIPath, RVOController with no rhyme or reason for which ones actually calling the shots? Especially “Always Draw Gizmos”


This is part of the unity engine, not something specific to this package. No components can draw gizmos when they are collapsed in the inspector.

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