GraphUpdateScene with unconnected Collider2D points


I’m working with 2D tilemaps, and I have a tilemap layer that has 1 Collider2D on it but it’s got 2 separated collider points. Like this:

So as you can see, there’s 2 collider ‘areas’ (notice the light green collider area in the top left and bottom right) but it’s actually 1 Collider2D (this one is a Polygon Collider 2D, but it could also be Tilemap Collider or Composite Collider 2D). Attaching a Graph Update Scene on a gameobject with this kind of collider creates a graph update scene area that encompasses both collider areas, but also all the space in between them.

Is there a nice way to make a graph update scene that just covers the collider areas only but not everything in between?


Not really. The GraphUpdateScene component uses the bounding box of the collider. I would recommend that you split that collider into two separate colliders to get this effect.