GraphUpdateScene with NavMesh Graph doesn't work

What it says in the title. I know how to update parts of a Grid Graph with GUOs, but I’v had no luck when using one with a NavMesh Graph. I know that only walkability aad penalty can be changed, and no new nodes added, but I don’t need this anyway. What I want to do is place a Prefab, like a piece of furniture, on the floor and make the attached GUO component declare the vincinity of the object unwalkable. However, no matter how I set up the polygon, I won’t affect the nodes.


In the latest version there might be a bug with navmesh graphs.
If you open the NavMeshGenerator.cs script and find the UpdateArea method, it will likely be empty. Add the line
UpdateArea (o, this);
to it and it will work.

Sorry for the bug.

That worked, thank you :slight_smile: