GraphUpdateScene Penalty ignores the Y-axis?


First Problem, my English is bad, please excuse ;D
Second Problem: A picture says more than 1000 words.

I hope the problem is understood.
The penalty is carried on the Y-axis along :confused:
What am I doing wrong? I thought, I can specify the height of the area with “Min Bounds Height”.

thank you in advance.

Ah, you seem to have spotted a bug there.
The Layered Grid Graph specifically does not check for bounds intersection.
I will add it to my todo list. Until it is fixed, you can open the LayerGridGraphGenerator.cs script and change all
o.Apply (node);
lines to
if (o.bounds.Contains ((Vector3)node.position)) o.Apply (node)
I think that should do it.

Insanely quick response! Works great. My problem is solved! Thank you!